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Work with our Students

In Collaboration with Starbuck

Equator College has a range of courses that cover animation, fine art, graphic design, interior design and fashion design. Our students have inspired organisations with their ideas, solutions and professionalism.

You can work with Equator students in the following ways:

  • Commissions - You can commission students to create artworks or carry out design projects.
  • Collaborations and student-sponsored projects - Your project could form part of a taught module or be carried out alongside students' current work.
  • Project based or part-time employment in your organisation
  • Internships or trainee positions
  • Volunteer opportunities (NGO)

Recruit Equator Students

Our Career & Placement Office (CPO) provides a range of services to business, industry and community representatives who wish to make links with EC students and graduates. We can connect you with our students, promote your employment opportunities and raise your brand profile among the future workforce.
We can promote your employment opportunities through our work participation and recruitment programs, including 'learning in the workplace' opportunities for our students through industry and community projects, co-operative education and internships.

Advertise Jobs / Vacancy

Notice Board is accessed by current students and recent graduates, you can advertise your Vacancy Notice or Poster:

  • Full time and part time positions.
  • Internships or trainee positions.
  • Volunteering opportunities (NGO refer to Student Affair Unit, SAU).
  • Projects and placements (including cooperative placements).
This is a free service for employers and host organisations.
*Term & condition apply

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is available on our official Equator's web page, Facebook page and On-campus Digital Signage. You can use digital media to raise your organisation's profile including your company's logo. We offer (3) three types of digital advertising:

  • Equator's Web Page (Main Page & link back to our page, 300 x 123 pixels) cost MYR 300 for 30 days*
  • Facebook Image Posting (450 x 225 pixels) cost MYR 500 for 30 days*
  • On-campus Digital Signage Posting (624 x 486 pixels) cost MYR 500 for 30 days*
*Term & condition apply

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews are a great way to save time and money. They are convenient for students as they can undertake interviews and application tests on campus making scheduling simpler. Private interview or assessment rooms can be provided (subject to availability).

Workshop and Seminar

Presenting at careers workshop and seminar is a great opportunity to share your expertise and 'give something back' to students and the community. Careers wprkshop or seminar are designed to provide students with information about current market and industry trends, graduate skills and attributes sought by employers. By delivering at a careers workshop or seminar you can:

  • Help to educate students about current market practices.
  • Increase your organisation's profile on campus.
  • Interact with engaged and motivated students.
  • Share your experience as an industry expert.
  • Inform potential candidates about your recruitment process and the skills and attributes you value most.

Raise your Profile on Campus

We can display your posters, brochures and other materials on our campuses. Post or email your materials to:

Career & Placement Office
Equator College
8A Amoy Lane,
George Town,
10050 Penang

Email: info@equator.edu.my

Business Development & Marketing and Career & Placement Office can also assist you to connect with staff and students in our Colleges. You can get involved by:

  • Establishing / Organising a competition
  • Providing a scholarship
  • Sharing your expertise as a guest lecturer or becoming a mentor
  • Sponsoring events or activities on campus

Contact Us

To access our range of services to promote the employment opportunities available at your organisation, please contact us.

Mr. Felix Chuah, Business Development & Marketing Department